KMEA All-State
Middle Level Choir

KCDA Children's Honor Choir & KMEA Middle Level Choir
Century II Concert Hall
Feb. 22 - 5:00 PM
All Seats - General Admission - $7.00
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Jim Papoulis

Jim Papoulis composes in many genres and is known for work that combines contemporary, classical, and world sounds. Papoulis has made significant contributions to choral music by revitalizing the choral repertoire with songs whose roots are classical and world, with voicing that incorporates lead vocalists with choirs, vocal percussion, and world rhythms. His choral work often is sung from the perspective of the singer, and is constantly inspired by the work he does through the foundation for small voices. He firmly believes that music can heal, educate, celebrate, and empower the lives of children. Through the Foundation for Small Voices he has conducted songwriting workshops with choirs from the United States, China, Japan, Tanzania, Mexico, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Haiti, England, Norway, Canada, Spain, Italy, Kenya, Uganda, France, Ireland, Bosnia, Jordan, Australia, Holland, Dubai, and Greece. He has worked with choirs and ensembles on all continents and from all walks of life, and has also worked with: Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Beyonce, the New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, London Boys Choir, London Symphony, Beijing Children's Choir, Faith Hill, Natalie Cole, Snoop Dogg, Tokyo String Quartet, Moscow Philharmonic, Portland Symphony, New World Symphony His music has recently been featured at: Beijing Olympics; Give Us Hope exhibit at the 9-11 Museum in New York; 9-11 10th Anniversary Concerts throughout the world including New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, London, Oslo, Paris, Shanghai, Rio, Rome, Salzburg, St. Petersburg, Dubai, Delhi, Oslo, Paris; 2008 Presidential Inauguration; Pope visit televised nationally at Yankee Stadium; World Cup South Africa 2010.

2018-19 Selected Participants

Alternates are listed below.
School Name Voice
Abilene MS
  Jacobi Robinson Tenor
Alma-Wabaunsee HS
  Sarah Vanstory Soprano
Andover Central HS
  Viggo Shafer Bass
Andover Central MS
  Noah Sickman Tenor
Andover HS
  Riley Carr Alto
Baldwin City-Baldwin HS
  Cas Sumner Bass
Basehor-Linwood HS
  Lillian Bogard Soprano
  Nathan Crews Bass
  Chloe Kiper Alto
Basehor-Linwood MS
  Nicole Gomes Soprano
  Ethan Oehlert Tenor
  Mena Reeves Alto
  Alyiah Shirley Soprano
  Colin Sims Tenor
Chanute HS
  Thomas Ramsey Bass
  Trey Smoot Tenor
  Nathan Stanley Bass
Colby MS
  Cassandra Zimmerman Alto
Concordia Jr/Sr HS
  Tucker Arnold Tenor
  Hunter Blackwood Bass
  Peyton Breese Tenor
  Rebekah Brown Alto
  Cav Carlgren Bass
De Soto HS
  Olivia Meehan Soprano
Dodge City HS
  Zane Hager Bass
Elbing-Berean Academy
  Atiera Langenberg Alto
  Parker Stucky Bass
Galena MS
  Toby Hughes Bass
Garden City-Horace Good MS
  Andy Lopez Tenor
Garden City-Kenneth Henderson MS
  Ryan Lucas Bass
Gardner-Pioneer Ridge MS
  Zackary Rhodes Tenor
Gardner-Trail Ridge MS
  Samantha Scoggins Alto
Gardner-Wheatridge MS
  Grace Rieder Alto
  Joe Rogers Tenor
Goddard-Eisenhower HS
  Seth Brooks Bass
Greensburg-Kiowa Co. HS
  Emma Thompson Soprano
Halstead Schools
  Isabelle Loucks Soprano
Haven MS
  Sadie Estill Alto
Hays MS
  Devlyn Jochum Soprano
  Seth Tripp Tenor
Hays-Thomas More Prep-Marian JH
  Madelyn Seiler Soprano
Healy School
  Daisy Gonzalez Alto
Hugoton MS
  Bryan Montoya Tenor
Junction City HS
  Clay Dustin Bass
Junction City MS
  Daphne Brown Soprano
  Riley Gaer Alto
Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  Grace Johnson Alto
  Kasmin Tottress Alto
Kingman MS
  Anniston Henning Alto
  Jaymes Ingalls Tenor
Kismet-Southwestern Heights HS
  Kyhla Kisner-Rios Alto
  Jentre Smith Soprano
Lakin MS
  Megan Bell Soprano
  Devawny Brown Soprano
  Tristen Cox Bass
  Kyle Hartman Tenor
Lansing MS
  Joey Discavage Bass
  Alayna Parvin Soprano
  Samuel Schmidt Bass
Lawrence Free State HS
  Gabriela Carttar Soprano
  Ian Hoopes Tenor
  Alexandra Meston-Ward Soprano
  Jeremy Nuckolls Tenor
  Kim Oneslager Soprano
  Ayden Wildman Bass
Lawrence HS
  Nicholas Cordova Bass
  Samuel Lopez Bass
  Tayte Markoulatos Soprano
  Vivian Podrebarac Alto
  Ashton Rapp Tenor
  Lindsey Rutledge Soprano
Lawrence-Billy Mills MS
  Josh Jewsome Bass
  Jack Ritter Bass
Leavenworth-Lansing HS
  Elisabeth Johnson Soprano
  Julia Nauman Alto
  Anna Nickelsen Soprano
Lindsborg-Smoky Valley MS
  Campbell Gaskill Alto
McPherson HS
  Pierce Hamma Bass
Olathe East HS
  Grant Crawford Bass
  Phoebe Mock Alto
Olathe North HS
  Hannah Sorrels Alto
  Abby Strella Alto
Olathe Northwest HS
  Juan Cardenas Tenor
  Rachel Montemayor Soprano
  Emma Price Soprano
  Nick Tait Tenor
Olathe South HS
  Carter Stelting Tenor
Olathe West
  Kalista Brown Soprano
  Kaitlyn Knight Soprano
  Oz Powell Tenor
  Ari Robinson Bass
Olathe-California Trail MS
  Brayden Grosz Tenor
  Curran Mock Tenor
Olathe-Frontier Trail MS
  Ella Bentley Soprano
  Addison Dalton Soprano
  Zach Janner Bass
  Sydney Muder Alto
Olathe-Heritage Christian Academy
  Randall Marcum Tenor
  Elise Parr Alto
  Simon Parr Bass
Olathe-Indian Trail MS
  Austin Allen Tenor
Olathe-Mission Trail MS
  Madison Blackman Soprano
  Evan McCoy Tenor
  Dante Nichols Tenor
Olathe-Oregon Trail MS
  Sam Olson Tenor
Olathe-Pioneer Trail MS
  Madeline Mahoney Soprano
Olathe-Prairie Trail MS
  Elizabeth Crane Alto
  Gabrielle Hicks Soprano
  Haley Johnson Soprano
  Shay Madden Alto
  Maren Rapp Alto
  Hadyn Risley Tenor
Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  Ashton Ross Tenor
Olathe-Summit Trail MS
  Leah Abai Soprano
Overland Park-Blue Valley North HS
  Ty Eubanks Bass
  Keaton Lewis Tenor
  Stella Nash Alto
Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
  Shreya Bhatia Soprano
Overland Park-Harmony MS
  Amber Follett Soprano
Overland Park-Oxford MS
  Kendal Nobrega Alto
Overland Park-Pleasant Ridge MS
  Keiko Chen Alto
Overland Park-Shawnee Mission West HS
  Ally Andrade Alto
  Aryn Bray Soprano
  Jackson Deardorff Bass
  Will Edeal Bass
  Katie Johnson Alto
  Matthew Martin Bass
  Bella Tooley Alto
Overland Park-Westridge MS
  William Ashby Tenor
  Joel Bollinger Tenor
  Liv Cairns Alto
  Faryn Clevenger Alto
  Claire Deardorff Soprano
  Maddox Fergus Soprano
  Carolanne Hendrix Alto
  Jacob Jewell Bass
  Gage Miller Tenor
  Isabella Mullarney Alto
  JT Rehder Tenor
  Kaitlyn Rongish Alto
  Samantha Wallenburg Soprano
  Colby Waters Bass
Perry Lecompton HS
  Ronna Orr Soprano
  Dailynn Phillips Tenor
Prairie Village-Indian Hills MS
  Grace Fields Alto
  Wyatt Oligmueller Tenor
  Fritz Sullivan Bass
Riley Co. HS
  Courtney Roark Alto
Roeland Park-Bishop Miege HS
  Cara Parisi Soprano
Roeland Park-St. Agnes Catholic School
  Polly Ayala Alto
Scott City MS
  Logan Cramer Tenor
Shawnee Mission Northwest HS
  William Mehnert Bass
Shawnee-Maranatha Christian Academy
  Peter Heddings Bass
  Joshua O'Keith Bass
St. George-Rock Creek Jr/Sr HS
  Corbin Montenegro Bass
Sterling JH
  Micah Svaty Tenor
Tonganoxie HS
  Andrew Colvert Bass
  Joseph Fletcher Tenor
  Caden Phillips Bass


School Name Voice
Buhler HS
  Tanner Lindahl Bass
De Soto HS
  Mathys Moore Soprano
Olathe-California Trail MS
  Sydney Carter Alto
Olathe-Chisholm Trail MS
  Tyler Burns Tenor
Quinter JH
  Lakin Getz Tenor
Salina Central HS
  Josh Warner Tenor
Shawnee Mission Northwest HS
  Meg Qualls Soprano
KMEA In-Service Workshop
February 21-23, 2019
Century II Convention Center
Wichita, KS