KMEA All-State

High School Orchestra
Century II Concert Hall
Feb. 23 - 5:00 PM
All Seats - General Admission - $7.00
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Sey Ahn
2019 KMEA All-State Orchestra Conductor

A recent fellow of the prestigious American Academy of Conducting at Aspen, Sey Ahn is an emerging young conductor already on the way to a brilliant career. The recipient of a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance from Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music, she also earned two Master of Music degrees from the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California, one in piano and, subsequently, a second in orchestral conducting. A graduate of Larry Livingston's orchestral conducting program at the Thornton School of Music, Ms. Ahn has worked individually and/or in master class sessions with such renowned conductors as Gustav Meier, Victor Yampolsky, Larry Rachleff, Robert Spano, Nicolas McGegan (opera), Federico Cortese, Carl St. Clair, Jorge Mester, Helmuth Rilling, and Kurt Masur. Widely in demand as a guest conductor of professional and youth orchestra around the country, she has led All-State orchestras of Colorado, Kentucky, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Tennessee, and Iowa. Ms. Ahn currently serves as the Assistant Conductor of the IdyllwildARTS Summer Music Festival, a thriving international music program for gifted high school music students set in Southern California. In addition, she is Assistant Conductor of the Music for All Honor Orchestra of America held annually in Indianapolis. Recent highlights include performances in Benedict Music Tent at Aspen (Colorado), Royce Hall (Los Angeles), Alice Tully Hall (New York), and Hilbert Theater (Indianapolis).


String sections are listed alphabetically by last name. Final seating will be determined on-site.
Violin I
  1. Chaeyun (Joyce) Ahn, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  2. Lindsay Baltzell, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights
  3. Gabby Buck, Shawnee Mission-East
  4. Matthew Choi, Manhattan
  5. Arjun Gampala, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  6. Terah Graber, Goddard-Eisenhower
  7. Willy Jiang, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  8. Ethan Kardin, Derby
  9. Alija Koirala, Olathe-North
  10. Austin Larison, Shawnee Mission-North
  11. Rachel Lawton, Wichita-East
  12. Landon Nguyen, Wichita-East
  13. Sophia Peng, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  14. Bryan Rangel, Wichita-Southeast
  15. Landon Roy, Goddard-Eisenhower
  16. Kara Schlenk, Olathe-South
  17. Andrea Shehi, Olathe-East
  18. Micah Steele, Lawrence-Free State
  19. Cate Steinacker, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
  20. Lindsey Toot, Baldwin City
  21. Hugo Yu, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Violin II
  1. Maria Bonilla, Salina-South
  2. Josue Coy Dick, Newton
  3. Cynthia Dong, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  4. Noah Gruman, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
  5. Yujin Hahn, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
  6. Emily Keeley, Manhattan
  7. Polina Krasnopolskaya, Shawnee Mission-West
  8. Caitlyn Lee, Olathe-East
  9. Josh Li, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  10. Caleb Lim, Olathe-North
  11. Julia Lin, Lawrence-Free State
  12. Kenny Liou, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  13. Julia Mitchell, Lenexa-St. James Academy
  14. Nikhil Reddy, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  15. Elisa Rouse, Wichita-East
  16. Madeline Smith, Olathe-East
  17. Alexander Solis, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  18. John Viehweg, Olathe-North
  19. William Wei, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
  20. Jerry Yan, Manhattan
  1. Helena All, Lawrence-Free State
  2. Mariah Covington, Kansas City-Sumner Academy
  3. Nicholas Dang, Goddard-Eisenhower
  4. Joey (Joseph) French, Maize
  5. Mary Gipson, Wichita-Kapaun Mt Carmel
  6. Grace Hart, Manhattan
  7. Naomi James, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  8. Cole Kasparek, Olathe-Northwest
  9. Gabe Kimuri, Lawrence-Free State
  10. Blake Modean, Shawnee Mission-East
  11. Lauren Prehn, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  12. Isaac Seybold, Lawrence
  13. Angelo Shekhar, Spring Hill
  14. Melody Tzang, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  15. Sarah Wilson, Shawnee Mission-South
  16. Tyler Ziegler, Winfield
  1. Troy Cassidy, Wichita-East
  2. Chris Chae, Manhattan
  3. Alex Chavez, Lawrence-Free State
  4. Jacob Choi, Manhattan
  5. Allen Church, Olathe-Northwest
  6. Clare Gessley, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
  7. Benjamin Holcomb, Shawnee Mission-South
  8. Vincent Hsiung, Shawnee Mission-East
  9. John Martin, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  10. Angelina Miller, Manhattan
  11. Joanna Park, Manhattan
  12. Cameron Quick, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  13. Matthew Siegwald, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  14. Grace Yan, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  1. Connor Ampleman, Shawnee Mission-West
  2. Allison Combs, Olathe-Northwest
  3. Taylor Martin, Olathe-East
  4. Amelia Milldyke Gifford, Shawnee Mission-West
  5. Matthew Pickering, Manhattan
  6. Nate Reid, Lawrence
  7. Carolyn Thurlby, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  8. Daphne Zakarian, Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
Bass (1234A Band)
  1. Stephen Mitchell, Spring Hill
Bass (56A Band)
  1. Leah Wise, Derby
  1. Melody Tzang, Overland Park-Blue Valley
Placement of winds/percussion is managed by the All-State Band chairs.
  1. Kelly Bushouse, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  2. Tina Li, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  3. Jada Green, Shawnee Mission-North
  4. Nina Jaramillo, Lawrence-Free State
  1. Alex Qian, Wichita-Collegiate
  2. Kendal Meyer, Derby
  3. Shelby Winter, Shawnee Mission-East
  4. Niki Lin, Olathe-Northwest
  1. Bryan Kwon, Olathe-East
  2. Emma Mitchell, Olathe-North
  3. Josh Brandt, Manhattan
  4. Diego Fuentealba, Maize-South
B-flat Clarinet
  1. Calvin Winkler, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
  2. Stefan Schrader, Goddard-Eisenhower
  3. Jean Li, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  4. Kara Olander, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
  1. Whitney Schweiger, Olathe-South
  2. Kristin Gjovig, Olathe-East
  3. Tyler Cummings, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  4. Connor Rank, Lenexa-St. James Academy
  5. Jenna Stokes, Olathe-South
  6. Suraj Menon, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  7. Amanda Mudra, Wichita-Collegiate
  8. Jacob Lucas, Lindsborg-Smoky Valley
  1. Hassan Ahad, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
  2. Thomas All, Lawrence-Free State
  3. Devin Gouger, Olathe-Northwest
  4. Annika Shankwitz, Manhattan
  1. RJ James, Wichita-East
  2. Jacob Lubrano, Wichita-East
  3. Gavin Hawkins, Andover-Central
  4. Luke Horsch, Olathe-East
  1. Benjamin Hopkins, McPherson
  1. Guthrie Bricker, Lawrence
  2. Karina Howey, Overland Park-Blue Valley
  1. Andrew Wallen, Lawrence
  2. Ethan Wootton, Olathe-East
  3. Josh Robinson, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
KMEA In-Service Workshop
February 21-23, 2019
Century II Convention Center
Wichita, KS