Kansas Music Educators Association
2017 In-Service Workshop
Feb. 23 - 25, 2017

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Balloting for KMEA President-Elect
is open through Feb. 25 @ 9:00 AM
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Upcoming Events
Kansas Intercollegiate Band Registration and Rehearsal
THU - 9:00 AM
Garvey Building Rehearsal Room
KMEA Board Meeting
THU - 9:00 AM
Hyatt Ballrooms F-H
KMEA All-State Elementary Choir Registration and Rehearsal
THU - 9:30 AM
Hyatt Riverview Room
KMEA All-State (HS) Registration and Rehearsal
THU - 11:00 AM
1234A Band - Century II Convention Hall; Orchestra - Drury Broadview; Choir - Century II Room 209 A & B Cypress; 56A Band - Century II Exhibition Hall; Jazz Band - Hyatt Trail Rooms
NAfME Collegiate Registration
THU - 11:30 AM
Century II Expo Hall
KMEA ISW Registration
THU - 11:30 AM
Century II Expo Hall
KMEA ISW Opening Session
THU - 1:00 PM
Hyatt Ballrooms D-E
Kansas Intercollegiate Band Rehearsal
THU - 1:00 PM
Garvey Building Rehearsal Room
Choir Concert
THU - 2:00 PM
Century II MJT Theater

Manhattan Flint Hills Children's Choir


Welcome to the In-Service Workshop. If you need assistance, please feel free to ask anyone wearing a red "Board" ribbon on their convention badge. They will be happy to assist you.


Every two years, in odd-number years, KMEA elects a new President-Elect who serves in that capacity until assuming the presidency two years later for a two-year term. That officer then serves two years as the KMEA Vice President. Changes to the bylaws, requiring a vote of the membership, are also on the ballot.

ISW Registration

To register the 2017 In-Service Workshop, your NAfME membership must be current through March 1, 2017

ISW Registration

ISW Schedule


We encourage everyone to support our exhibitors. Without their participation, the ISW simply would not be possible.


2017 ISW Performance Recordings Order Form

Professional audio recordings for all performance events at the In-Service Workshop are available exclusively through Shhh Audio Productions

Look for the Shhh Audio Productions table in the Century II Concert Hall lobby.


Learn more about our clinicians and presenters at the 2017 In-Service Workshop. Selected clinic hand-outs are available for download.


Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center is a unique municipal facility due to its dramatic architectural style, its importance to the downtown area, and the economic impact it has on the community.